Wix Pro Gallery: Customizing the Expand Mode for Your Gallery

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You can set your images to open in a pop-up window (Expand Mode) when clicked and let visitors enjoy the fine details of your gallery items.
Customize the Expand Mode of your Pro Gallery to complement your site's design and brand. Define how, when and where image information is shown and adjust design aspects such as the text style and color.
Screenshot showing what the Expand Mode looks like on a live site.
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Customizing the Expand Mode

Make your gallery items pop in the Expand Mode. Choose what info to show, add background filters and gradients to your items, and allow visitors to zoom in on images.

To customize the Expand Mode:

  1. Click the Wix Pro Gallery in your editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Settings tab on the left.
  4. Select Open in Expand Mode from the When clicking on an item drop-down. 
Screenshot showing where to find the When clicking on an item drop-down in the Settings panel.
5.  Click the Design tab.
6.  Click Expand Mode
Screenshot showing where to find the Expand Mode tab in the Design tab of the Pro Gallery.
7.  Click Customize Expand Mode.
8.  Customize the following settings on the right side of the pop-up: 
9.  Click Done.
Screenshot showing the Expand Mode Settings popup with many settings visible.


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