Customizing Your SEO Settings for the Wix Pro Gallery Expand Mode

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Your Wix Pro Gallery can display images, videos, and text in multiple layouts. You can set it to open Expand Mode when an item is clicked. Each of these Expand Mode pages aren't regular pages on your site, but they do have their own URLs and search engine information.

The Wix Pro Gallery has a default SEO Setting setup to provide search engines good information about your gallery's items. You can customize this setting to edit what's indexed by Google.

The Expand Mode URL can be shared on social media. When the URL is shared, the Expand Mode page displays along with some SEO information like its title tag and meta description. Learn More 

Editing the SEO Setting for the Wix Pro Gallery

You can edit the default SEO Setting of the Wix Pro Gallery by adding or removing variables. A variable is placeholder text who's value is unique for each item. For example, using an Item Description variable adds each item's unique description to its search results. Learn More 
The URL of a gallery item in an Expand Mode cannot be changed. 

To Edit the SEO Setting of your Wix Pro Gallery:

  1. Go to your SEO Dashboard.
  2. Select Go to SEO Settings under Tools and settings.
  3. Click Pro Galleries
  4. Customize Your SEO Setting
Want to keep your Expand Mode pages from appearing in search results?
Disable the Let search engines index your gallery items toggle under SEO Basics & social share.

To have your Expand Mode pages indexed as separate pages from the gallery page:
Change the canonical variable to Expanded Item URL under Additional meta tags.

The gallery's SEO Settings applies to all Expand Mode pages. It isn't possible to set different settings for different Expand Mode pages. 

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