Overriding SEO Settings

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Your SEO Settings apply the same settings to multiple pages according to their type (e.g. Product Pages, Site Pages, etc). You can always override the pattern and exclude certain pages if you need them to follow different rules. 
Your SEO settings don't override manual changes you've made to individual pages' SEO Basics settings. If you've already customized a page, it is automatically excluded from the setting. 

To override your SEO Setting:

  1. Go to the page's SEO Basics settings in your Editor:
2.  Edit the page's SEO Basics settings to override the SEO Setting.
You can override the SEO Settings for specific Wix app pages only:
You can override:
You cannot override:
  • Forum Posts
  • Forum Categories
  • Pro Gallery Expand Mode
  • Blog Tags
  • Challenges
You can restore custom SEO Basics settings to their defaults:
To restore any field to its default, click the Reset to Default icon  beside it. Be sure to publish your site to save the setting. 

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