Wix Owner App: An Overview

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The Wix Owner app is designed to help you create, manage and grow your business on the go. Use the Wix Owner app to showcase what your business has to offer and communicate with your site members directly. 
From the app, you can design what your site looks like on the Wix member apps, by customizing it with your brand's colors and logo, and by adding media to catch your members' attention. 
Add a variety of apps to your site to encourage your members to engage with your business. For example, you can add a blog to keep people interested in your content, or a store to sell your merchandise. You can also gather your members into groups to connect on a specific topic, or create events for people to RSVP and buy tickets to.
When your site is ready, invite your customers, clients, and contacts to join you on the member apps. The member apps are free to use and download and you do not need a Premium plan to access them. 
Download the Wix Owner app right to your phone using these links:

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