Wix Owner App: An Overview

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The Wix Owner app is a powerful tool that puts the control of your website right in the palm of your hand. As a site owner, this tool provides you with the flexibility to manage your website and business anytime, anywhere.
Imagine being a gym studio owner. You're constantly on the move, training clients, running classes, and managing your business. With the Wix Owner app, you can update your class schedule, respond to member inquiries, and even sell your gym merchandise directly from your phone. It's like having your website's control panel in your pocket, giving you the power to manage your online presence seamlessly.
You can also encourage your site members to download a member app to their mobile device to view your site and interact with you. Depending on your business they can also book appointments, purchase products, see announcements and more.
Download the Wix Owner app right to your phone using these links:


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