Wix Payments: Ensuring Your Business is Ready for Sales

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Start accepting payments for your business with Wix Payments. Learn what information must be included on your website.
Before you begin, please make sure:
In this article, learn about Wix Payments requirements for your site. This includes:

Requirements for Your Business Contact Information

Add the name of your business and easy-to-find contact details to your site, so customers can contact you if needed. Hard-to-find or no contact information is a major source of frustration for your visitors, as well as a reason why your account cannot be verified on Wix Payments.

Business Name

Display your business name clearly on your website. It can be the name of your business entity, or your “Doing Business As” name. If you’re a sole proprietor, this may be your own name. When presenting your legal business name (i.e. your corporate, LLC or partnership name), or your trade name (your Doing Business As name), in your website, make sure it's identical to the ones you provided during your Wix Payments account setup.
The business name you display on your site should also appear as your statement descriptor, which is the business name your customers see on their card statements. The statement descriptor lets customers identify their purchases easily, which helps save you unnecessary complaints and chargebacks.

Business Location

Add your business’s physical address, including the country. Make it easy for your clients to see this information before they complete a payment or book a service. This information is usually placed on the footer and checkout area for easy visibility.
example of site footer with company address displayed,
Please, note that certain types of addresses, such as a post office box or mail-forwarding address, are not considered valid business addresses.

Customer Service Contact Information

Your site needs to include an email address and / or telephone number where customers can reach you. We recommend giving customers multiple ways to contact you.
example of footer with contact information displayed,

Business Policies

Adding relevant policies such as a terms of service, privacy policy, and shipping & return policies to keep your customers informed and protected.
Business policies are usually placed in the site’s footer, making it available from every page, as well as from checkout. This is important for your customers, so that they can easily refer to your policies. Learn how to add Wix Stores policies, or how to set a cancelation policy for Wix Bookings.
example of site footer with links to business policies such as terms of use,

Terms and Conditions

Your terms and conditions should include the legal restrictions related to your site and the regions you are doing business in. It’s important that your customers are properly informed about these terms and conditions prior to making a payment on your website. Learn more about creating your site’s terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Every site needs to provide a privacy policy. This is a statement that discloses the ways a website collects, uses, discloses, and manages the data of its visitors and customers. The privacy policy fulfills a legal requirement to inform a visitor about how their data is processed. Learn more about creating your site’s privacy policy.

Refund, Return or Cancellation Policy

Your Refund, Return, and/or Cancellation Policy explains your policies regarding the manner, timing and circumstances in which your customers can return or cancel an order, purchase or payment.
Be sure that you clearly disclose your policy on cancellations and returns clearly and before checkout. You should include a “click to accept” button, checkbox, or other acknowledgement for customers to agree to these terms.
example of a product in Wix Stores with a returns and refund policy,

Shipment, Fulfillment or Delivery Policy

Your shipment, fulfillment or delivery policy explains your policies regarding the manner, timing and other restrictions about the way you ship, deliver, or fulfill your products and services.

Information about Products or Services Offered

Customers appreciate detailed information and transparency to help them choose products and services on your site. Make sure your site includes the following information, where applicable.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Clear product descriptions are required for all goods and services. This includes labelling cosmetics,  food and beverage items with the full list of ingredients and giving detailed descriptions for each service or event that you offer.
example of hand cream in Wix Stores with a product description,

Clear Prices and Purchase Currency

If your prices are not automatically disclosed, for example in such cases as price quotes made through invoices, make sure that each item or service shows clear pricing, including the currency.

Subscriptions and Memberships

If you offer subscriptions, packages or memberships that involve recurring payments, be transparent about any required commitments and future payments. These include:
  • Customer consent prior to a recurring transaction
  • Disclosure of the fixed dates or intervals on which the transactions will be processed
  • A simple cancellation procedure

Display card scheme brand marks in full color

Letting your customers know what payment methods you accept on your website is essential for converting visitors into shoppers. You need to be very accurate here. Card schemes, such as Visa and Mastercard, require that their logos are displayed in full color. They will automatically be shown at checkout, so you're covered there. But if you are considering adding logos to the footer of your site, make sure to display them in full color too. 
showing card logos for mastercard, visa, and other card schemes,
This article is based on Wix Payments’ Terms of Service and requirements set by credit card companies like Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. The information provided here is not exhaustive and should not be considered legal advice.

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