Wix Stores: About Your Basic Site Info

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To make sure all aspects of your store are working smoothly, you need to fill in your site settings. This includes information such as your site's name, language, and region. 

Add your website settings

From Website settings, you can enter basic information such as your site name. This is the name that appears in your site's dashboard, the My Sites page, and in search results. 
To give your site a more professional look, make sure you upload a 16 x 16 pixel favicon - the symbol that appears on browser tabs.   

Enter your business info

From Business info, you can enter your business details such as your location and contact infromation.
While much of the business info is important for your site in general, some has a direct impact on your store. For example, if you upload a logo, it's displayed at the top of your Checkout Page instead of your site name. The recommended logo image ratio is 1:1.
In addition, the email address you enter here is the one that notifications are sent to when you make a sale.  

Purchase or connect a domain

From Domains, you can manage your site domain which is an important part of building a professional brand. You can either purchase a new domain or connect one you already own.
Learn more about purchasing or connecting a domain.

Set up your language & region

From Language & region, you can determine such things as the language your customers see, your store's currency, as well as how dates, numbers, and measurements (metric or imperial) are displayed. 
Your site language (the language customers see) can be different from your account language (the language of your dashboard, Editor and Wix communications).

Assign roles & permissions

If you have other people working on your site, go to Roles & permissions to give them permission to access certain site data. The permissions can range from access to your store (Store Manager role) or access to almost all parts of your site (Admin role).   

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