Wix Editor: Changing Your Favicon

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A favicon is a small icon that appears on a tab in your browser. It is a great way to help visitors identify your brand. 

Before you begin:
In order to upload your own favicon you must first:
  1. Upgrade your site to a Premium Plan (except the Connect Domain plan). 
  2. Connect a domain to your site.

To change your favicon:

  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Website Settings.
  3. Click Update Image next to Favicon.
A screenshot showing how to upload a favicon
  1. Select your favicon and click Choose Files.
    Note: The size of your favicon must be a multiple of 48px square (such as 48x48, 96x96 etc), unless it is an SVG file. Google will rescale your favicon to 16x16px for search results. 
Don't have a favicon?
You can create a personalized or branded favicon with Wix Logo.

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