Changing Your Site's Regional Settings

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You can change the regional settings of your site including the language, region, currency and time to suit where your business is based.
You can set different regions for different sites in your account.
If you have a multilingual site, you can change the regional settings of each language in the Multilingual tab of your site's dashboard.

To change your regional settings:

  1. Go to Language & Region in your site's dashboard.
  2. Edit any of the following settings:
    • Site Language: Select the default language for your site, emails, and notifications. Learn more about changing your site's language
    • Regional format: Select a region to set how dates, numbers, and measurements appear on your site.
    • Currency: Select the currency you accept for payments.
    • Time zone: Select your time zone.
A screenshot of the Wix dashboard, open on the Language and Region Settings page.
  1. Click Save.

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