Wix Bookings: Creating Classes Using the Wix Owner App

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Create and schedule classes on the go using the Wix Owner app. Classes are recurring services with sessions that clients can book, like a weekly yoga class. You have the flexibility to offer the same class with different instructors or duration, and make classes part of a Pricing Plan as well. 

Step 1 | Create the class

Start by creating a new class in the Wix Owner app. Enter the relevant details about your class, decide how you want to charge your clients and more. 

To create a class in the Wix Owner app:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.
  3. Tap Booking Services.
  4. Tap + Create New Service.
  5. Tap Class.
  6. Tap Add an Image to take a new photo or upload an existing one.
  7. Enter the service name and description of the class.
  8. Enter the maximum number of participants that can book your service.
  9. Select a Service location:
    • Business Address: Choose which of your business addresses will offer the class.
      • If you have multiple locations, tap the checkbox next to each location. 
      • Custom Location: Enter a location description such as "at the entrance to Bushy Park".
  10. Select a pricing option:
    • Fixed price: You charge the same for each session.
      1. Tap Amount and enter the session price. 
      2. Choose how clients pay from the Payment Preferences drop-down:
        • Online: Only accept online payments for the session.
        • In person: Only accept in-person payments (before or after the session).
        • Online or in person: Allow clients to choose whether they pay online or in person.
        • Online deposit only: Accept an online deposit for the session and have clients pay the rest in person.
    • Custom price: Enter a short description of your pricing (up to 20 characters). The description appears on your site.
      Note: This means clients can't pay you online. 
    • Free: Offer the service free of charge. Great for introductory sessions with clients.
    • Varied Prices: Save your changes and go to your Wix account on desktop to add varied prices to your classes. You can charge for classes by client or service type (e.g. different rates for adults and children, different kinds of haircuts, etc). 
  11. Edit the Advanced settings section:
    • Choose which Booking policy to add to the class from the policy name drop-down.
    • (Optional) Make your class view-only by disabling the Accept online booking toggle.
  12. Tap Save.
  13. Choose when you want to Add sessions to get booked:
    • Maybe later: Add sessions for this class later in the Calendar or Services tabs. 
    • Schedule now: Set the days and times you offer sessions for this class (see step 6 in the next section). 
You can also create classes using the quick actions menu at the bottom of the Wix Owner app. Tap Add, tap Create a service and then tap Class.

A screenshot showing how to access the Quick Actions menu to create a service.

Step 2 | Schedule when the class is offered

Now you can schedule when the class is offered, how often it repeats (e.g. every 2 weeks), who leads the class, and more.
When you're done, you can go back and make edits or schedule the classes at additional times with different details. For example, you have the flexibility to schedule the same yoga service on Monday mornings, led by one instructor, and on Thursday nights, led by another.

To schedule the class:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.
  3. Tap Bookings Services.
  4. Tap the More Actions icon  next to your class. 
  5. Select Add class schedule.
  6. Enter the session details:
    • Staff Member: Tap the drop-down to select the staff member who leads the class.
    • Location: If you have multiple locations, click the drop-down to choose where the class takes place. 
  7. Set the Time and Duration for the appointment: 
    • Start Date: Select the first date the class is available. 
    • Start Time: Select what time the session starts.
    • Duration: Set how long the class lasts for.
    • Repeat: Choose how often the class takes place (e.g. Never, Weekly, Every 2 weeks).
    • Set an end date: Tap the checkbox to set a date when these sessions are no longer available. 
  8. Tap Save. 

    Screenshot showing how to schedule the days for a class in the Wix owner app.

Step 3 | (Optional) Offer this class as part of a Pricing Plan

The Pricing Plans app lets you create membership plans (for example, a monthly gym membership) or packages (for example, a 6-class package).  
After you create the plans, you can connect them to booking services. When clients buy your a monthly gym membership plan, for example, they gain access to your class. 

To connect a booking service to an existing paid plan:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage at the bottom.
  3. Tap Bookings Services.
  4. Tap the More Actions icon undefined next to your class. 
  5. Tap Manage Plans.
  6. Tap Connect under the relevant plan(s), then tap Done
Screenshot showing how to connect a class to a Pricing Plan on the Wix Owner app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click a question below to learn more about classes on the Wix Owner and member apps. 

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