Pricing Plans: Creating Plans in the Wix Owner App

Create new membership plans or packages on the go using the Wix Owner app. With Pricing Plans, you choose the duration and pricing of the plan, the available payment methods, and what benefits each plan includes. 
Before you begin:

To create a Pricing Plan:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Pricing Plans under Get Paid.
  4. Tap Create a Plan
  5. Enter the plan's name and tagline. 
  6. List the plan benefits: Here you can explain to clients what they get when they buy the plan.
    1. Go to the List what's included section and enter the first feature (e.g. 24/7 gym access).
    2. Tap Add more to add additional features.
  7. Choose your pricing options: 
    •  Recurring Payments: Customers pay each week, month, or year until the plan ends. 
      1. Select Recurring Payments.
      2. Tap the Payment Frequency drop-down and select an option.
      3. Enter the price per payment.
    • One-Time Payment: Customers pay one amount for the duration of the plan.
      1. Select One-time Payment.
      2. Enter the plan price. 
    • Free Plan: Customers do not pay.
      • Select Free Plan.
  8. Set the plan duration: Tap the Length of Plan drop-down and select when the plan expires. 
  9. Tap the Free Trial toggle to create a plan that starts with a free trial period.
    Note: This option is available for plans with recurring payments.
  10. Connect your plan to Wix content and services you create. 
  11. Tap the Single Purchase Only toggle to create a trial plan that can only be booked once per client
  12. Tap the Allow Plan Cancellation toggle to allow clients to cancel plans themselves in their My Subscriptions page.
  13. Tap the Custom Start Date toggle to allow clients to choose when the plan starts. 
  14. Tap Plan Policies to enter policy information and tap Save.
    Note: The policy appears on the checkout page.
  15. Tap Save at the top right.
Want to make changes to a plan?
After you make plans and sell them, you can edit your plans. When you do: 
  • Changes to the price and plan duration only affect new purchases. Existing clients continue to receive the conditions they agreed to when they purchased a plan.
  • Changes you make to the connected benefits do affect existing plan holders. For example, if you no longer offer a class that was connected to a plan, you can remove it from the list of connected services. 
  • To increase prices for an existing client with recurring payments, cancel the client's plan so it doesn't renew and then direct them to purchase the plan again. 
  • To make changes to a plan that a specific client purchased, go to the Subscriptions area in your mobile app. 

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