Wix Automations: Creating Automations for CMS Form Submissions

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Make sure all your custom-built CMS form submissions are automatically handled appropriately. With Wix Automations, choose from a variety of actions that can occur after you receive new form submissions on your site. Send data via webhooks, or connect third-party web apps such as Google Sheets and Zapier. You can also send coupons, emails, notifications, tasks and more.
The CMS forms option only appears if you have created a custom form that uses input elements and the CMS, and you have published the site. Make sure your form's dataset is in the "Write" or "Read & Write" mode. Otherwise this automation trigger will not appear. 
A screenshot of the CMS forms automation trigger.

To create an automation for CMS form submissions:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + New Automation.
  3. Click + Start from Scratch.
  4. Click the title to give your automation a name.
  5. In the Trigger section, click CMS forms.
  6. Select an option under Select which forms trigger this automation:
    • All forms: All forms that use input elements and the CMS trigger the automation.
    • Specific forms: Specific forms that use input elements and the CMS trigger the automation. Click the Select forms drop-down to select the form(s) you want to use and click Apply.
  7. (Optional) Match the fields from your custom form to your Contact List:  
    1. Enable the toggle next to Sync with your Contact List.
    2. Click the first drop-down under Custom Field Name and select the custom field you want to match with field name to the left.
    3. Click Match More Fields to add and match more fields.
    4. Click the Add Labels drop-down and select the label(s) you want to add.
A screenshot of adding labels in the CMS Forms automation.
  1. Click your chosen action in the Action section.
  2. Set up the action using the available options. Learn more about the actions you can choose.
  3. Click the Timing section to expand it.
  4. Click the Choose a time to send this action drop-down to select when the action should be carried out:
    • Immediately: The action is performed as soon as the trigger occurs.
    • Set custom time: The action is performed after the trigger, at a time set by you. Click the up and down arrows to set the number and click the drop-down to choose between days, hours and minutes.
  5. Click the Limit frequency to drop-down to set trigger frequency:
    • Don't limit (trigger every time): Your action will take place every time it is triggered by a visitor.
    • Once per contact: Your action will take place only once per contact.
    • Once per contact every 24hrs: Your action will take place only once per contact in any 24hr period.
  6. (Optional) Click + Add an Action to add a follow-up action.
  7. Click Activate to save and activate the automation.

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