Wix Invoices: Creating Automations

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With Wix Automations, you can easily streamline your billing process and save time on repetitive tasks. Set up automated actions that run whenever an invoice is sent, paid or overdue. For example, you can remind your customer that they still need to pay an invoice.  

To create a new automation:

  1. Go to your Automations Dashboard.
  2. Click + New Automation.
  3. Click the title to give your automation a name.
  4. Set up the trigger:
    1. Select Invoices under Trigger.
    2. Select the checkbox next to the relevant trigger: When the invoice is overdue, paid or sent.

  5. Set the response: 
    • Send email to visitors: Send an email to the relevant customer. You can customize this email, including editing your sender details and personalizing the email with dynamic values.
    • Get notified by email: Send a notification to yourself or your team. Enter an email address and a message.
    • Create a task: Add a task and assign it to yourself or your team. You can access it later in Tasks & Reminders
    • Move card in a workflow: Move the contact's card to a different step (column) in your workflow. 
  6. Choose a time: 
    1. Click the drop-down to select when the action should be carried out:
      • Immediately: The action is performed as soon as the trigger occurs.
      • Set custom time: Click the up and down arrows to set the number and click the drop-down to choose between days or hours.
    2. Choose if the action should only be performed once per contact.

  7. Click Activate at the top right to save your automation. 

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