Improving Your Page's SEO with the Wix SEO Assistant

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You can use the Wix SEO Assistant to help you optimize your site's pages for search engines. It gives you recommendations that you can follow to improve your page's content, structure, and SEO attributes. The SEO Assistant also identifies potential issues with your page and creates tasks where you can learn how to resolve them.
The SEO Assistant is currently available to help you optimize your page content in multiple Wix apps including Wix Bookings services, Wix Stores product pages and Wix Blog post pages.
Looking to boost your site's SEO?
This article refers to optimizing your page content (blog posts, store products, etc.) You can also use the SEO Assistant for SEO across your site.
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Understanding the Wix SEO Assistant

The SEO Assistant analyzes your page and creates a list of optimization tasks based on its current content and settings. The tasks contain recommendations for ways to improve your page and instructions on how to do them. 
When you open the SEO Assistant, you'll see a list of possible tasks to work on. You can also get more tasks by adding a focus keyword that you want to target.
Each task has a label that helps you identify which are the most important to deal with first. Once you add your focus keyword, an overview of the number of tasks and their importance is displayed above the tasks list to help you prioritize. The four labels are:
What it means
These tasks can prevent your page from being indexed and appearing in search results. You should do these tasks first
These are important tasks that can affect how your page appears in search results and how well it ranks.
These tasks may affect your page's ranking in search results.
These tasks are advice rather than important tasks. These generally help make your page more informative to search engines and visitors and may improve your page's ranking and how it looks in search results.
Task that you haven't completed have a red warning label , while tasks that you've completed have a green tick .
  • A red warning label does not necessarily mean that your page has an error. 
  • The only exception is if you see a Critical task. These tasks means that search engines can't index your page and it won't appear in search results. If you want your page in search results, you need to complete any Critical tasks in the list. Learn more about indexing issues

Types of tasks in the Wix SEO Assistant

You may see different tasks in the SEO Assistant depending on the content of your page and its settings. Choose a task type below to learn more about it.

Using the Wix SEO Assistant with Wix apps

You can use the SEO Assistant to optimize your site content across multiple Wix apps. Choose an app to learn how to access the SEO Assistant from there.

To use the SEO Assistant:

What's next?
Get insights on the indexability of your page using the Index Status tool. Indexability determines if your page can appear in search results. Learn how to understand index statuses


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