Facebook Ads: Choosing Your Campaign Budget

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Choose a budget for your Facebook Ads campaign that fits your business needs. Consider your ideal customer, services you offer, and short and long term goals when setting a budget.
An important part of setting up a Facebook Ads campaign is choosing a budget that best suits your business goals. Your monthly subscription includes your ad spend on Facebook as well as the 15% Wix fee to run your ads and optimize your campaign. 
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Understanding your campaign budget

Campaign subscriptions for Facebook Ads with Wix range from $79-$4,999 (USD). Once you choose a budget and launch your campaign, it renews automatically each month. If you choose to end your campaign with leftover ad spend, it's saved and added to your next campaign.
If you pay for your Facebook Ads subscription in a currency other than USD ($), the ad spend is converted to USD in order to pay Facebook. The exchange rate may vary from month to month. Find the exact amount in your Facebook Ads dashboard. Learn more about currency conversions with Facebook Ads
What is the subscription fee breakdown?
85% is your ad spend, sent directly to Facebook and used for running the campaign on their platform. The remaining 15% is the Wix fee for running your campaign, optimization, testing and more.

Setting a monthly budget

You set your budget as part of building your campaign. The full payment for your subscription is due when you first launch the campaign. The subscription renews monthly after that.

To set a monthly budget:

  1. Go to Facebook Ads in your site's dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Monthly Budget (Step 3) in the campaign setup flow.
    Note: If you haven't started setting up your campaign you need to follow the setup steps before you can choose a budget.
  3. Drag the slider under How much do you want to invest? to choose a budget amount. See how much the monthly subscription equals per day and get an estimate of ad views on this budget.
  4. Click Next at the bottom to review your ad and budget.
Screenshot of the budget page on campaign setup and the choose your budget slider
The best thing you can give a campaign is time. Let your campaign run for a few months so Wix's AI can learn about your products or service as well as which ads are performing best. The more data and statistics the algorithm gathers, the better it can optimize and deliver results.


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