Facebook Ads: Turning Off Auto Renewal for Your Facebook Ads Subscription

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Your Facebook Ads subscription renews automatically to prevent any disruption to your campaign. If you don't want your subscription to renew at the end of the next month, you can turn auto renewal off. Your campaign will expire at the end of the current subscription.
Turning off auto renewal does not automatically end your campaign. Your campaign remains active for the rest of the current subscription. Only when the subscription ends, your campaign will end. To end your Facebook Ads campaign immediately, follow the instructions here.

To turn off auto renewal for your Facebook Ads subscription:

  1. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account.
  2. Find the relevant site and click the Show More icon  to the right of the subscription that says Facebook Ads.
  3. Click Cancel Facebook Ads.
  1. Select Cancel Subscription and provide a reason for cancellation.
  1. Click Cancel Subscription to confirm.
Your Facebook Ads campaign will continue to run until the end of your current subscription. After the subscription expires, your campaign ends. You can choose to turn auto renew back on from the Premium Subscriptions dashboard by clicking Turn Auto Renew On.
  • If your campaign is paused when you turn off auto renewal and the resume date is within your current subscription, your campaign will resume as normal on that date. When the subscription expires, your campaign will end.
  • If you edit your campaign or change the campaign budget, your auto-renewal automatically turns back on until it is canceled again.
  • If you resume your campaign after auto renewal is turned off, it will reactivate your subscription and turn auto-renew back on.

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