Facebook Ads: Ending a Campaign

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If you want to end your campaign early, you can do so from the Campaign Actions drop-down. When you end your campaign, any leftover ad spend is saved until you decide to restart.

To end your campaign:

  1. Go to Facebook Ads.
  2. Click the Campaign Actions drop-down.
  3. Click End immediately.
  1. Click End Anyway to confirm.
If you have any unused ad spend once you end your campaign, it is saved until you choose to restart. You can restart at any time by clicking Edit & Restart in the dashboard.
If you want your campaign to end once your subscription expires rather than immediately, turn off auto-renewal of your subscription. Learn more
If you attempt to restart your campaign after your subscription has expired, you must purchase a new subscription before the campaign can go live and use any remaining ad spend. Learn More

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