Facebook Ads: Wix's Facebook Ads Refund Policy

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Facebook Ads campaigns with Wix are paid with a monthly subscription and payments are non-refundable. If you end your campaign before the month is up, your campaign ends instantly, and auto-renew is turned off.
You can restart an ended campaign at any time before your subscription expires by clicking Edit & Restart from your Facebook Ads dashboard. 
  • Resuming a campaign also turns auto-renew back on. 
  • Any unused ad spend will remain in your account until you resume the campaign.
  • If the subscription expires, you need to purchase a new subscription in order to activate the campaign and use the remaining ad spend. 
If you don't want your campaign to renew after the current subscription cycle ends you can turn off auto-renewal of your subscription.

Additional Information

  • What's Wix's cut of my purchased premium plan? 
    • Wix gets 15% of your payment, the remaining 85% goes to Facebook.
    • Prices do not include VAT, which is determined based on your billing country.
  • To prevent rejections from Facebook, make sure your campaign complies with Facebook's Advertising Policies
  • If you feel you deserve a refund, contact us and tell us why and we will review your request.

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