Facebook Ads: Understanding Currency Conversions

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If you pay for your Facebook Ads subscription or set up your store in a currency other than US Dollars (USD) Wix converts part of your subscription in order to pay Facebook to run your ads. 

Store Currency vs. Subscription Currency

When you set up your store, you choose a preferred currency that customers pay you in. This currency could be different than the currency you pay for your Facebook Ads subscription.
  • Your store currency: The currency of your online store that customers pay you in when they make a purchase. The statistics you see on your your dashboard (e.g. revenue) are in your store currency.
  • Your subscription currency: The currency you use to pay for your Facebook Ads subscription. This is the same currency that any other premium plans are paid in. Your subscription currency is based on your geo location and cannot be changed.
    Note: It is possible to charge customers in a different currency than the one you pay for your subscription with. (For example, you pay for your subscription in US dollars but can charge customers in Euros when they purchase an item from you).

Understanding Currency Conversions in Facebook Ads

When you purchase a Facebook Ads subscription, Wix takes 15% as a fee. The remaining 85% is your ad spend used on Facebook to run ads on their platform. If your subscription currency is in a currency other than USD, Wix must first convert the 85% remaining ad spend to USD so it can be spent on Facebook.
Remember that your Facebook Ads dashboard shows data such as revenue and remaining ad spend in your store currency. If your store currency is a currency other than USD, Wix needs to also convert the daily amount spent on Facebook from USD back to your store currency to align with the rest of the dashboard. The below example breaks this down further:

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