Content Manager: Displaying Your Store Product Categories Using Dynamic Pages

For a site with many Wix Stores product categories, use dynamic pages to display each product category. This will save time, reduce performance issues, and keep your site "light" by having fewer pages to load.
If you don't use dynamic pages, you have to create a new page on your site for each product category. This is a time-consuming process and may lead to performance issues due to having a “heavier” site.
To display your Wix Stores product categories using dynamic pages, it is important to understand how to work with Repeaters, Dynamic pages, datasets, and connecting content to a repeater or table.
Before you begin, your site will need:

Step 1 | Add and set up a blank dynamic page

Add a blank dynamic page that will be the category page for your store. You can add a repeater or table that will link to your collections. 

Step 2 | Add a repeater or table

Choose how you want to display your product categories by using a repeater or a table. A repeater displays your product category using a layout that you can design. A table also displays your product category, but allows for less customization.
Tables are not available in Editor X.

Step 3 | Add and connect a second dataset

Repeaters and tables can show items from collections where you have filtered one dataset by another dataset. Adding a dynamic page creates a dataset. In this step, we add a second dataset that will filter the products by the product category they are in.
Filters you set up in Wix Stores do not display in dynamic pages. Read more about working with Wix Stores filters.

Step 4 | Connect your repeater or table

Connect the components of your repeater or table to the fields in your collection. Use the second dataset to do this.
To allow a visitor to click on a product and go straight to the product's item page, you can connect a button to Product Page URL under Connection Options in the Connect Repeater panel.

Step 5 | Preview your dynamic page

Now click Preview to see how your collection looks.
A GIF showing a preview of various Wix Stores collections
You now have a dynamic page that shows each of your product categories - using only a single page. You can link to them from other pages, directly from the menu, and display specific product categories on any page.
If your Wix Store has only one product category, add another one to see how your new page can display each one. Once you have added a second Wix Stores product category, select it using the floating drop-down at the top of the Editor.
A screenshot of the floating drop-down used to view different dynamic pages.
What’s Next?
If you have more products than you want to show on one page, you can use the load more or pagination bar options to show more products.

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