Wix Stores: About the Category Page

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The Category Page is your main store page. Here, customers can select the category they want to browse. Choose the elements you want to display on this page and customize it to get the design that reflects your store brand. 
Customizing the page:
When you customize the look and function of this page once, it applies to all categories to give your store a unified look. 

The header

The header of the Category Page displays the image and description you added when you created the category. You can hide the category name, image, description, or the entire header.

About the sidebar

The category sidebar has 2 components: the category list and filters. You can display one or both or hide the sidebar entirely. 
You can choose which of your active categories to show on the sidebar and their order of appearance. Your store comes with some filter options built in (which you can display or hide), but you can also create custom filters using your categories.
The category list does not appear on mobile. Adding your categories to the site menu is the best way to give your customers easy access to them.


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