Wix Stores: Creating an Index of Product Categories

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  • We're releasing a new version of product categories that comes with a Category Page. This site page conveniently displays categories to your customers.
  • If your category creation page doesn't match the image below, click this link and the links inside the article to learn how to add and display categories.
You can create a main category page where you can display thumbnail images of all your categories. Customers can easily click to select the category they want to browse.
GIF showing an index of product categories

Step 1 | Create category pages

To start, create the categories you need and display each one of them on a separate site page.  
Screenshot of the Category tab in the dashboard

Step 2 | Set up the index page

You can now start creating the page that displays all of your categories. Choose whether to create it using the Wix Pro Gallery or by manually adding images and/or text. 


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