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With Wix Marketing Integrations, you can connect your favorite marketing tools and use them with your Wix site. 
Connect your site to tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel to start measuring your online campaigns, collecting valuable information about your visitors' behavior, and gaining actionable insights for improving your site.
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  • By using this service, you are engaging directly with a third-party service provider. We recommend reviewing the service provider's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use prior to your use of such third-party service. You acknowledge that we are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from your use of such third-party service, including any liability arising from any personal data exchanged between you and such third-party.
  • To use Marketing Integrations, you need to have a Premium site with a connected domain

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Wix Marketing Integrations options

You can choose from the following integrations to connect to your site:
What you can use it for
Discover where your visitors come from and what they do on your site. 

Track the number of visitors to a page, where, how long they stay, and what keywords they use to find your site. 
Track your Facebook campaigns, see conversion rates, and more. 

Automatically connect your site with your Facebook Business Account, your Facebook Pixel, and the new Facebook Conversions API (CAPI).
Use Google Tag Manager to implement a tag management system.

Keep your tags and third party code snippets updated and organized in one convenient location.
Run targeted remarketing ad campaigns and get useful insights with conversion tracking.

Show targeted ads to customers who have already visited your site and measure the conversion actions that users take after they click or view your Google ads.
Use Wix's TikTok Pixel integration to add a pixel to your site and gain insights into your audience. 

Track conversions to your site for your Tiktok ad campaigns and get data that you can use to optimize your ads and improve your retargeting.
Promote your store products on Facebook through different sales channels.

Automatically update your Facebook Catalog with important information about your products such as the name, description, and price.
Add products from your Wix Stores to your Google Merchant Center catalog. 

Promote your store products on Google and schedule regular updates so that your catalog is up to date with any changes that you make.
Measure and analyze the behavior of your site's visitors. 

Get detailed traffic data about your desktop and mobile visitors in real time and identify the channels that drive your audience to your site. 
Add your own Authorized Digital Sellers (ads.txt) file and control who’s allowed to advertise on your site.

Adding Marketing Integrations to your site

You can add integrations to your site from the Marketing Integrations section of your site's dashboard. 

To add an integration:

  1. Go to Marketing Integrations in your site's dashboard.
  2. Find the integration that you want to add.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete set up.
Can't find the app you're looking for?
If there are apps you'd like to add which aren't displayed in Marketing Integrations, there are alternative ways to add them. Learn more

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