Adding Apps that are Not Available in Marketing Integrations

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Wix Marketing Integrations Tool allows you to add apps such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to your site. If there are apps you'd like to add which aren't displayed in Marketing Integrations or Wix App Market, there are alternative ways to add them.

Learn about adding apps using:

Integrating apps with Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager, you can integrate many popular solutions, such as Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and Pinterest. 

Integrate apps with custom code

Many popular applications provide a custom code snippet, which can be easily installed through your Wix dashboard. Learn more
When you get a code snippet from a third party, they should give you instructions about where to place the code (head or body) and how to use it. The placement of your code is crucial for it to load and execute properly. 
Wix does not provide support for any technical problems you may have with third-party code snippets. If you have a problem with a code snippet from a third party, you should contact the provider directly for help.

Integrate apps with Velo

Velo is a development platform created by Wix which can be used to integrate any application to your Wix Site. To use Velo, you may wish to hire a professional at Wix Marketplace.

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