Wix Restaurants: About the Differences Between the Old and New Online Ordering Apps

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Wix Restaurants has a brand new online ordering app called Wix Restaurants Orders (New)
To use the new ordering app, you need to set up our new Wix Restaurants Menus app
While the new online ordering app has advanced features that weren't available with the old app - with more on the way - some features found in the original app are not yet available.

Features available only in the new online ordering app

Check out the exciting new features you've been asking for. These include:
  • Gift cards: Sell and redeem Wix Gift Cards. Learn more
  • Tax: Use advanced tax calculation, including tax groups. Learn more
  • Order tracking: Display an order tracking page for customers. Learn more
  • Customizable notifications: Send additional notifications & customize email notifications.
  • Refunds: Offer partial or complete refunds.
  • Invoices: Automatically generate invoices for paid orders. Learn more
  • Payment collection: Charge customers multiple ways (e.g. pay links, invoices). Learn more
  • Multilingual menus: Display menus in multiple languages. Learn more

Features available only in the previous online ordering app

We're working hard to add additional functionality to the new app. However, as of now, it doesn't have all the capabilities available in the previous online orders app. These include:
  • Multi-location: Manage a business with multiple physical locations.
  • Integrations: Integrate with POS or delivery apps (e.g. Square, DoorDash).
  • Mobile: Create a native app for customers.
  • Order pacing: Adjust time estimates during peak business hours.
  • Contactless dine-in: Take online orders from customers dining in your restaurant.
  • Menu availability: Choose which menus are available at different times or with certain fulfillment methods.

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