Wix Restaurants: Setting Up Pickup and Delivery in Wix Restaurant Orders (New)

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Your delivery and pickup settings is where you can specify when customers can collect their orders or receive deliveries in different areas. You can also set minimum order requirements and associated fees.
You can also add closures for dates and times when orders cannot be fulfilled, such as holidays or dates that have reached capacity. These closures can block orders entirely or just a specific fulfillment method.
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Setting up pickup and delivery

Customize pickup days and timeframes, define delivery areas with specified fees, and offer free delivery on orders above a certain subtotal.
Additionally, you decide which fulfillment method appears as the default on your online ordering page – pickup or delivery.

To set up pickup and delivery:

Owner app
  1. Go to Pickup and Delivery in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select what you want to set up:
A screenshot of the Fulfillment settings in a site's dashboard.

Adding closures

Add closures to block orders on specific dates, holidays or when maximum order capacity is reached. Specify dates, hours, and select pickup or delivery methods for designated areas.
For instance, if your restaurant reaches its maximum capacity for orders on Friday evening, set a closure from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM to ensure those hours do not appear as available on your site.

To add closure dates:

Owner app
  1. Go to Pickup and Delivery in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Manage Closures.
  3. Click + Add Closure
  4. Enter a name.
    Tip: This does not appear on your site. It only appears when managing closures in your fulfillment settings.
  5. Select the relevant method(s) from the Which fulfillment methods will be closed? drop-down.
    Note: When selecting Specific delivery area(s), click the Select delivery area(s) drop-down and select the relevant area.
  6. Select the date.
  7. (Optional) Click +Add End Date.
  8. Choose the hours:
    • Select the All day checkbox to indicate that the hours are from the beginning to the end of the day.
    • Enter the Start / End time to specify closure hours.
  9. Click Save.
A screenshot of adding Closure information for a restaurant's fulfillment settings.


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