Wix Multilingual: Translating Your Event

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Showcase your events to international guests by offering them in multiple languages. Once you have finished creating your event in your main language, use Wix Multilingual to translate it into more languages.
Before you begin:
  • Add Wix Events to your site and set it up (i.e. add events, create tickets, customize your registration form, etc.). After you translate your site, you can still create new events as well as make changes to your existing ones.
  • Enable Wix Multilingual

Step 1 | Translate your Events page

Begin by translating your events pages from the multilingual dashboard.

To translate your Events page:

  1. Click the Switch Languages panel at the top of your Editor.
  2. Click Manage Languages.
  3. If you added more than one secondary language, select the language you want to work on from the drop-down menu.
  1. Click Translate next to a section of your event (Event Details, Registration, Tickets, etc.).
  2. Enter a translation for each piece of text, or click the Google Translate icon to automatically translate. Once you have reviewed the translation, click the checkmark to save your changes. 
    Tip: If there are events you do not display on your live site, you do not need to translate them.
  1. Click Multilingual at the top of the page to access other sections of your event.
  1. Follow the same procedure to translate each of the other parts of your event (e.g. Registration, Messages, Tickets, etc.).
When there are multiple events in a site, each event shows in a different item. Click the expand arrow next to the event to view the translation categories.

Step 2 | Translate your event's text elements in your Editor

After translating your events via the multilingual dashboard (explained in the section above), you still have some additional elements which need to be translated in your Editor. By choosing which events you want to display on your site (between multiple events or a single event), you can edit the text fields displaying on your event list.

To translate your event's text elements in your Editor:

  1. Open your Editor and navigate to the Events page.
  2. Click the Wix Events app and click Settings.
  3. Click the Text tab.
  4. Translate the following text fields for multiple events:
    • Event List Title
    • RSVP Button Text
  1. Translate the following text fields for a single event (by clicking on the Time & Location and RSVP tabs):
    Note: Click the relevant toggle to show or hide these labels.
    • Time
    • Location
    • RSVP Label Text
For Editor X users:
The single event flow is not available in Editor X. However, it is still possible to display a single event by using the Select Manually option and selecting just one event.

Learn how to display a single event in Editor X  
As with events pages, some text may already be translated (see events pages section above).

Step 3 | Translate your Event Details page

The Event Details page is an optional page. If you have enabled it, you'll need to translate it as well.

To translate your Event Details page:

  1. Open your site's Editor and navigate to the Events page.
  2. Click the Wix Events app and click Settings.
  3. Click Pages.
  4. In the lightbox, select Go To Page next to Event Details Page.
  1. Click the Wix Events app (now displaying the Event Details Page).
  2. Click Settings, then Text.
  3. Click a field to type in the translation for the following text fields:
    • RSVP Button Text
    • Read More Link
    • Read Less Link
    • Time & Location
    • About
    • Tickets
    • Social Share
Translate the image displayed on your Event Details page directly from the multilingual dashboard. Click Translate next to the Event Details part of your event.

Step 4 | Publish your site and test your event

After you've finished translating your site in a particular language, including all parts of your event, you can unhide the language to make it accessible to site visitors. 
It's a good idea to preview your site in each language to make sure the translation was successful for each one of your events


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