Wix Multilingual: Translating Wix Chat

Chat with your site visitors in all languages your multilingual site offers. With Wix Multilingual, you can easily translate your chat's header, lead capture form and automated messages.  
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Translating Wix Chat

Translate your Wix Chat content from the Multilingual dashboard.

To translate Wix Chat:

  1. Click the Switch Languages menu at the top of your Editor.
  2. Click Manage Languages.
  3. (In the Multilingual dashboard) Select the language you want to work on from the drop-down menu in the Translate your apps' content section.
Screenshot of Translate your apps' content section in Multilingual dashboard with the language drop-down highlighted.
  1. Scroll down and click Wix Chat
  2. Click Translate next to the chat section you want to translate.
  3. Click Translate next to the element of the chat section you want to translate.
  4. Enter a translation for each piece of text, or click the Google Translate  icon to automatically translate your text. Once you have reviewed the translation, click the checkmark  to save your changes.
Screenshot of Lead Capture form section of Wix Chat in Multilingual dashboard with translatable options highlighted.


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