Wix Chat: An Overview

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Wix Chat opens direct communication lines between you and your site visitors. Your business is instantly contactable. Add a personal touch by making conversation with potential customers as they browse. Initiate a chat or let visitors reach out when they need to. Customize your chatbox so it looks great on your page and reflects your brand.
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A screenshot of a chatbox.

Encourage visitors to open your chatbox and get in touch

Your chatbox holds a prominent position at the bottom of your page. Make sure it fits in with the style of your site while also drawing attention, so visitors are encouraged to click and chat. Add text that offers visitors all the information they need about contacting your business. Let FAQ buttons answer common questions when you're unavailable to chat.

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A screenshot of a chatbox with the design settings tab open.

Set chat hours that work for your business

Nobody is available to chat 24/7. Set your chat hours in advance so visitors see you as available to chat at the times you've set. Instantly disable chat if your plans change and you'd like to appear unavailable. When you're offline, you can share alternative contact details in your chatbox, so a visitor can choose to get in touch in another way.

A screenshot of the scheduled chat hours section of chat settings.

Enable on-the-go visitor chat via WhatsApp

Convenience is key when it comes to maintaining a conversation with a business. Offer your visitors the convenience of chatting to you via WhatsApp rather than staying on your site to chat through your chatbox. Visitors choosing to use WhatsApp will receive all the messages you send them in their WhatsApp accounts.

A screenshot of a chatbox with WhatsApp messaging as a chat option.

Seize the moment by reaching out to visitors as they browse

Maintain your chat conversations via desktop or mobile and easily see if your contacts are currently online. You'll also be able to see live site visitors you're not chatting with and the pages they're browsing. Reach out with a tip and get the conversation going.

A screenshot of a chat conversation with a live site visitor.

Send more than just messages

Have a look at visitors currently browsing your site and reach out with discount coupons that could encourage them to give you their business. You can also send direct links to products and services via chat. If there's a payment to be made, send a payment request that offers the visitor a quick and easy way to pay.

You must have Wix Stores installed to send a product link and Wix Bookings installed to send a service link.
A screenshot of a discount coupon appearing in a visitor's chatbox.

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Check out courses in Wix Learn to learn more about using Wix Chat to capture new leads, manage your customer relationships and engage with online shoppers.

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