Wix Events: Creating Online Events

Hosting an online event is a great way to connect to international audiences and keep your business going without meeting in person. 
You can also create a hybrid event, an event where you meet both in person and online.

Step 1 | Plan your online event

To get started, decide where you'd like to host your online event.
This article will walk you through how to set up an event on any external platform designed to host virtual events (e.g. YouTube streaming, Facebook Live). 
Wix also offers two integrated options, Wix Live or Zoom. In addition, you can hold an event using Wix Video's live streaming.

Step 2 | Create the online event in Wix Events

To display the event on your site and allow guests to register, add an online event in the Wix Events dashboard. Creating an online event is almost the same as creating an event with a physical location, with a few difference outlined below. For complete instructions on how to create an event, click here

To create an online event:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click +Add Event.
  3. Select a type of event (this selection can't be changed after you click Create Event):
    • Ticketed Event: Sell event tickets
    • RSVP Event: Guests register for the event.
  4. Enter the event name.
  5. Select a date and time option:
    1. Select a start date and time.
    2. (Optional) Click Add End Time and select the end date and time.
    3. Click the Timezone drop-down and select a time zone.
    4. (Optional) Click the Display timezone checkbox.  
      Tip: For online events, we recommend displaying your time zone.
  6. Select a location:
    • Location hasn't been set:
      1. Click the Location is TBD (to be determined) toggle to enable it.
      2. (Optional) Edit the location message.
    • The event takes place online:
      1. Click Online.
      2. Enter an Online Location Title (e.g. Webinar).  
    • The event has a physical location and an online option:
      1. Click Physical Location.
      2. Start typing the address of the location and select it from the list.
      3. (Optional) Enter a Venue Name (e.g. Freemont Hotel).
  7. Click Create Event.

Step 3 | Inform your guests about the event

To join your online event, guests will need access information (e.g. a link to the event and login details). To set this up you must decide when to send the access information and how you want to send it. Choose from the options listed below.
Make sure guests know what to expect. For example, if you plan to send log in information by email 1 hour before the event starts, then we suggest you state this in the confirmation email.

Select one or more of these methods:

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