Wix Events: Creating an Online Zoom Event

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Create an event and meet up with your guests online. Your event can take place only online, or you can host a hybrid event that takes place both in person and online. 
When you create an online Zoom event, a unique Zoom link is automatically generated which you can share with your guests.

Step 1 | Create the event draft

Before you can connect to your Zoom account to add video conferencing, you must create and save your event draft.

To create an event draft:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + Add Event and start creating your event draft.
  3. In the Location section, select an option:
    • Online: Select this option for events that only take place online. Enter an Online Location Title (e.g. Online Seminar).
    • Physical Location: Select this option for events that take place both online and in person. Enter the physical location under Event location.
  4. Click Create Draft at the top right.

Step 2 | Add video conferencing

Now that you've saved the event draft, you can connect to your existing Zoom account or create a new one.  

To add video conferencing:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select the relevant event.
  3. Click the Features tab.
  1. Click Video Conferencing.
  2. Click Setup Video Conferencing.
  3. Select Zoom and click Continue
  4. (If this is your first Zoom event) Connect to Zoom:
    1. Click Connect.
    2. Sign in to your existing Zoom account or create a new account.
    3. Click Done.
  5. Click Copy link to get the link to your Zoom meeting.
Guests receive the link and password in their confirmation email as well as reminder emails.  

Step 3 | Start your event

When it's time to hold your event, access the event in the dashboard and click View Zoom links.
From the pop-up, click Start Zoom meeting as host
Guests can join the online event by clicking the link found in the confirmation email or reminder email (if you chose to add a link to these emails), or through any other method you used to send them the link.
If a guest has trouble understanding how to connect to the event, you can access the guest link in the same pop-up, copy it, and send it to them. 


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