Wix Events: Creating a Ticketed Event Using the Wix Owner App

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Create the perfect ticketed event on-the-go using the Wix Owner app. Launch a single event or series of events for guests to sign-up. Choose how long your event lasts, where it takes place, and organize events so guests can easily find them.
A screenshot of a ticketed event.

Creating a ticketed event

Craft a ticketed event that suites your needs (e.g. a meetup, a workshop, or a concert). Bring your event to life by adding an image that pops and providing guests with key information. For example, let them know what the event is all about with the name, date / time, and description.

To create a ticketed event:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Events.
  4. Tap Create Event or Create New Event.
  5. Tap Sell Tickets.
  6. Tap Add Event Image and take or upload an image and tap Next.
  7. Enter the name of the event.  
  8. (Optional) Enter a short teaser to describe the event.
  9. Tap the Date & Time toggle to enable or disable it:
    • Enabled: The date and time appears in the event details. Set up a single or recurring event:
      • Single Events: Tap the Start Date and Start Time drop-down menus and select the date and time. 
      • Recurring Event: Create an event template used for multiple dates. 
    • Disabled: A TBD (To Be Determined) message appears in the event details. Edit the text in the TBD Message field (e.g. Event time will be sent soon).
  10. Tap the Location toggle to enable or disable it:
    • Enabled: Show the location in the event details:
      1. Select whether the location is a physical location or online. 
      2. Enter the event address or online location title.
    • Disabled: A TBD Message appears in the event details. Edit the text in the TBD Message field.
  11. Connect this event to one or more event categories:
    1. Tap Add Category.
    2. Tap to select one or more existing categories or enter the name of a new category. 
    3. Tap Done.
  12. Add an About Your Event description:
    1. Tap Add Description.
    2. Enter your text and tap Done.
  13. Tap Next at the top right.
  14. Select a save option:
    • Save as draft: The event won't be displayed yet on your site. When you're ready, publish it to display it.
    • Publish: Your event may be visible on your site depending on your event display settings on your desktop site or in Spaces by Wix.
What's next?
Start creating tickets for your event using the Wix Owner app.


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