Wix Events: Creating an Event Schedule in the Wix Owner App

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Let participants know what's happening at your event by creating an event schedule. Schedules are ideal for conferences, festivals, and more.
Before you begin:
Make sure to create and save your event. Learn more about the different types of events you can create. 

To create an event schedule:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Events.
  4. Select Published Events or Draft Events.
  5. Select the relevant event.
    Note: For recurring events, you can add a schedule to an individual occurrence of an event.
  6. Tap the Manage tab.
  7. Select Add-ons.
  8. Tap Add to Event under Schedule.
  9. Add the first schedule item:
    1. Enter the Item Name (e.g. Opening Session).
    2. Set the start and end dates and times.
    3. (Optional) Fill out the Item details:
      1. Enter the Place (e.g. Main Stage).
      2. (Optional) Click Add Tags to enter a tag and tap Done (Android) or Return (iOS) on your keyboard, and then tap Done at the top right.
        Note: Tags are used to classify event sessions. For example, for a renewable energy conference, you might create tags for "Solar Energy", "Wind Energy", and "Electric Vehicles". Guests can filter the schedule to locate the events they're interested in. After you create a tag, apply it to other items of the same type.
    4. (Optional) Tap Add Description to enter a description of the schedule item and tap Done.
    5. Tap Save.
  10. Add more scheduled items: 
    1. Tap Add New Item.
    2. Repeat step 9 above for each of the scheduled items in your event.
To hide, cancel, or delete an item:
Tap the More Actions icon  next to the relevant item and select an option: 
  • Hide Item: Hide the item so you can display or edit it later. 
  • Cancel Item: Cancel the item and show in the schedule that the item has been canceled. 
  • Delete Item: Permanently delete the item and remove it from the schedule. 

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