Enterprise Solution: An Overview

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The Wix Studio enterprise solution is designed specifically for large businesses and organizations that need advanced features and support to build and maintain their websites. 

From the enterprise dashboard, you can maximize productivity by managing all aspects of your organization all in one place. This includes your sites, teams and roles, plans and domains, and your custom apps and templates. Furthermore, you can access your account and site-level analytics at any time, and get enhanced security with SSO login.
Screenshot of your Wix Enterprise dashboard.

Manage all of your sites from one dashboard

Stay in control and keep track of all the sites managed by your enterprise. You can filter your site list to see a list of specific sites, and save filtered views that you want to access regularly.
Click on a site in your site list to see detailed information regarding the site's plan and status, site address and domain info, template used and more. You can also access the site's dashboard or perform site-level actions like editing, renaming, previewing and duplicating. Learn more about managing all of your sites.
A screenshot of all your sites in your Enterprise dashboard.
Filter sites & save your view:
Click Filter or use the advanced search to look at specific sites. Click Save View to add a quick shortcut and get back to the filtered view of the list at any time.

Create custom templates

From Custom Templates, you can create templates with your preferred design, layout and custom apps installed. This means that you don't have to start from scratch when creating a new site for your organization or clients, improving efficiency and strengthening of your brand. Learn more about creating custom templates for your enterprise.
A screenshot of the Custom Templates tab.
You can create a custom template, either for your organization or for your clients. One template can't be used for both.

Build custom apps for your sites

Build custom apps for your enterprise and use them on any of your sites. From the Custom Apps tab, click + Create Custom App to get started with a new app, or hover over one of your custom apps and click Manage App to access your custom app in Wix Developers. Learn more about building custom apps for your enterprise.
A screenshot of the Custom Apps tab where you can manage all of your sites custom apps.

View and manage all of your media assets

Upload images and videos directly to your Wix Studio for enterprise account to use across all of your sites. Once you've uploaded a batch and want to share the news, click Notify Clients to notify your clients that you've uploaded new media that they can use in their sites. Learn more about managing your media assets.
A screenshot of notifying your clients of new media you've uploaded that they can use in their sites.

Create a custom funnel for your enterprise

Create your own branded funnel for your employees and clients to use when they build sites. This ensures that all sites stick to your brand guidelines, and enables an efficient and rapid website creation process across your enterprise. 

You can choose to have your clients use only your custom templates when building sites, or offer Wix templates to them as well. 
A screenshot of creating a website as part of an Enterprise account funnel.

Manage your team

Add teammates to your Wix Studio for enterprise account and assign them different roles, permissions and access levels. 

Choose which sites and site folders each of your teammates can access. When your teammates log in to the enterprise dashboard, they'll only see sites in which you've granted them access to.
Screenshot of the Team Management tab in a Wix Enterprise account.

Track the performance of all your sites

Track the performance and view data summaries for all sites in your Wix Studio for enterprise account. Explore your sites' overall performance, and drill down into your analytics data for each site. 

Your overview dashboard is yours to customize, so you can keep track of the data you're most interested in. Learn more about viewing your sites' analytics.
A screenshot of your analytics overview page with site sessions, total sales and orders.

Use Single Sign-On Login

Use enhanced authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO) and let employees and/or clients log in with their Wix credentials using the Open ID Connect protocol. This kind of login can be used by employees or clients to access several related, yet independent, online platforms.
A screenshot of SSO settings tab in the Enterprise dashboard.


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