Wix Enterprise: Viewing Your Sites' Analytics

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View data summaries for all of your sites with analytics for Wix Enterprise. Explore your sites overall performance, and drill down into your analytics data for each site. Customize your overview dashboard so you can keep track of the data you're most interested in. 
A screenshot of the analytics overview in your Enterprise dashboard.

Explore key metrics over time

The Analytics Overview graph displays the performance for all of your sites over time. By default, the graph displays site sessions over the last 30 days, and compares your data against the previous period. Change the date period and use the tabs in the report to switch between metrics to explore total sales and total orders.
A screenshot of your analytics overview page with site sessions, total sales and orders.
Ready to get started?
You can access your Analytics Overview from the Wix Enterprise dashboard.
  • The data in Wix Enterprise is aggregated daily and syncs everyday at 4 AM based on the site's timezone.
  • If you removed a site from your Enterprise account during the selected time period, the site's metrics will still be included in the total aggregated data at the top.
  • If your sites don't have sales data, the graph will have tabs for new leads and clicks-to-contact.

Customize your table and metrics

The Analytics Overview table provides details on how each site is performing. Customize your table to display the data and key metrics you want to see. Add and remove columns to monitor trends in visitor behavior, sales, and traffic data. You can also export a .CSV file with stats for all of your sites or specific ones in the selected time frame.
A screenshot of the analytics overview table displaying each site's performance.
Looking for a specific site?
Use the search field and enter the site's name.

Access site level analytics and reports

Access detailed site level analytics and reports for each one of your sites with Wix Enterprise. Drill down into each site's performance with site traffic, sales and customer behavior metrics. Each overview is presented in tiles to allow your most important data to be available to you at-a-glance, and you can select different time periods to show how your metrics have changed over time.
A screenshot of clicking view site level analytics to access the site's detailed analytics reports.

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