Wix Editor: Publishing Your Site

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Publishing your site that you created with the Wix Editor website builder is the final step in making your website live and accessible to the world. It's the moment where all your hard work in designing, creating, and refining your site pays off. Once you publish, your site is available on the Internet for everyone to see. 
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Publishing your site

You can publish your site at any time from the top toolbar of the Editor. Even after publishing, you can edit your site as much as you want. Whenever you make a change, simply publish again to make sure the changes go live.

To publish your site:

  1. Click Publish at the top right of the Editor.
  2. (Optional) Click View Site to be taken to your live site.
  3. Click Done to return to the Editor.
Clicking Save won't make your changes live. After saving, make sure to click Publish to show the updates on your live site.

Viewing your live site

After your site has been published, it automatically appears online and can be seen by anyone entering your free site URL (accountname.wixsite.com/site-name) or domain name.
You can also access your live site from the Editor. Click Site on the top bar of the Editor and click View Site.
A screenshot of the Wix Editor showing how to view your live site.
If you want to show your site to your friends, you can email them your site URL or domain name, or share it on social media.


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