Preventing Search Engines from Indexing Your Site

Search engines like Google crawl and index your site pages so they can appear in search results. You can prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your site if you're not ready to go public.
If your site is published, your site pages may have already been crawled by search engines. When you complete the steps to prevent indexing, search engine databases will remove your pages on the next crawl. To get your site pages removed faster, you can submit your sitemap and URLs directly to search engines.
Want to choose which site pages appear in search results? You can prevent search engines from indexing specific site pages in your Editor. 

To prevent search engines from indexing your site:

  1. Go to your SEO Dashboard.
  2. Select Go to SEO Settings under Tools and settings.
Selecting SEO Settings in your site's dashboard
  1. Disable the Let search engines index your site toggle to prevent search engines from indexing your site.
A screenshot of disabling the
  1. Click Hide Site.

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