Content Manager: Troubleshooting User Input Elements Issues

With the Content Manager, you can create collections to manage your site's content more efficiently and automatically populate multiple pages on your site using a single design layout. Depending on the permissions set in your dataset or collection settings, the user input element added to your page might not work properly. 

Follow the steps below to resolve user input elements issues.

Step 1 | Check your page elements connection

After creating a collection and adding a dataset, you must connect your user input elements to your collection via a dataset. Make sure all user input elements on your site are connected to a dataset. 

Step 2 | Check for validation error messages

Input elements can be set up to accept different types of content. You may want to validate your user input element before it is added to your collection. Validating the content entered in your form will ensure that you receive the content you expect in the proper format. 

Step 3 | Check your dataset mode

A dataset connects your site elements to your collections. Setting the mode for your dataset determines how page elements can interact with your collections. 

Step 4 | Check your collection permissions

It is important that your collections have correctly defined permissions. Permissions control who can view, create, update and delete content in a collection.
For a deeper understanding of how collection permissions play a part in the security of your site, read this overview.

Step 5 | Sync your optional Sandbox and Live content

Your optional Sandbox and Live collections are separate, so you can make changes to the content in one without affecting the other. Make sure you sync the content from the Sandbox to the Live collection. This only applies when the Sandbox is enabled.
Learn more about the Sandbox.
If you are unable to edit your collection content, you might have timed out. Open a new tab and access the Editor. Return to your previous tab, visit a different page and return to your collection.

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