Renewing Your Premium or Studio Plan

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To prevent disruption to your service, all Premium plans and Studio plans renew automatically at the end of the subscription period. Depending on the billing cycle you have chosen, your plan will renew on a monthly or yearly basis. 
Monthly plans: You are charged monthly on your plan's expiration date. You will not receive an email notification before your subscription renews. Learn how to check your upcoming renewals in your Wix account.
Yearly and multi-year plans: You are charged the full amount for your yearly or multi-year subscription 14 days prior to the plan's expiration date. You will receive email notifications starting 30 days before your next payment date to let you know that we'll be processing your renewal payment.
You can see the exact date your renewal payment will be processed in the Next payment due section of Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account.
Other premium subscriptions (for example a domain subscription or business email) are separate subscriptions to your upgrade plan and will renew separately. In some cases, we may charge you for multiple subscriptions in one payment. Learn how Wix processes payments for our services.

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