Important Information About Editor Elements, Third Party Apps, Custom Code and the Cookie Banner

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When you add the cookie banner to your site, only essential cookies are placed on your visitors' devices. The banner includes different toggles that your visitors can enable in order for you to use other types of non-essential cookies (e.g. marketing, analytics). 
However, there are certain elements and apps that the cookie banner doesn't control. As such, you must inform your site visitors and collect their consent for it separately. Otherwise, you should remove the elements from your site in order to comply with data privacy regulations. 

Social elements

Some social elements, such as Google Maps and Facebook Likes will not display on your site until your visitor has accepted the relevant cookies. On first view, the element will remain obscured and only a placeholder will display. 
Google maps placeholder inviting visitor to update their cookie settings,
  • The placeholder feature is not yet available to all users.
  • If you're running a Facebook Ads campaign, having a cookie banner on your site may affect your campaign data.

Third-party apps

Third-party apps are apps you download from the App Market which weren't made by Wix. If you're not sure who has created an app, you can always go to the App Market and check next to the app's name. 
As these apps are developed and controlled by third parties, Wix has no control over potential cookies that may be placed through your website. 
Although the developers of these apps are bound by the “Wix App Market – Partner Program Agreement”, which contains obligations related to privacy regulations (including honoring your visitor’s decision about cookies), Wix cannot guarantee full compliance from their side.   
Example of 3rd party app in the Wix App Market,

Custom code

Custom code is any piece of code in your site that wasn't written by Wix. This includes any code you've written using Velo by Wix, as well as custom code snippets you've embedded in your site.
For Velo code, you can connect your code to our Consent API.
For custom code snippets, be aware that custom code is set, by default, as essential. This means it is loaded without consent. If your custom code can be more accurately be described as either Marketing, Analytic or Functional code, you need to categorize your custom code as such.

Admin pages

Admin pages may be created in the Editor by the site owner (or editing collaborator), which they can choose to display in the business manager.
Given that the only people who see the content in these pages are the site owner and collaborators (therefore, not open to the public), the components added to Admin pages are not integrated with the Cookie Banner.

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