Wix Editor: Adding and Setting Up a Facebook Page Like Box

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Boost visitor traffic to your Facebook page by adding a Facebook Page Like box. By liking your page, visitors endorse your content and promote it to their Facebook friends. 

Step 1 | Retrieve Your Facebook Page ID

To connect the Like box to your Facebook page, you will need to retrieve the page ID from your Facebook account. 
In order to set up the Facebook Like box, you need to disable your page's privacy settings from your Facebook account. You can do this by changing Country Restrictions and Age Restrictions to Page is visible to everyone.

Step 2 | Add a Facebook Page Like Box

By adding a Facebook Like box to your site, you're giving visitors the option to interact with your Facebook Business page. This further promotes your brand and expands your online presence.
There are two Facebook Page Like box options, the News Feed option and the Mini option.

Step 3 | Set Up Your Facebook Page Like Box

After adding the Like box, simply set it up by entering the page ID you copied previously.

Step 4 | Customize the Facebook Page Like Box

By clicking the Layouts  icon on your Like Box, you can choose what information is displayed. Click the toggles to enable or disable the following options:
  • Show profile pics:  Display the profile pictures of Facebook users who have liked your page. 
  • Show news feed: Display your page's latest posts.
  • Show header: Display your Facebook page's cover photo.
News feed not updating?
Check that the privacy setting on your posts are not set to private/restricted.
  • Your visitors must be logged in to Facebook to be able to like your page. 
  • When a visitor clicks the like button in your Facebook Page Like box, they are liking your Facebook page, not your site.

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