Wix Editor: Using Pinterest on Your Wix Site

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Pinterest is a social network often used by people to find inspiration and collection ideas about their hobbies and interests. Wix offers 3 different Pinterest elements which you can add to your site to help promote your business:

Save to Pinterest

The Save to Pinterest button helps visitors save and share content from your site to their Pinterest boards with just one click. Place the button on any images that you want visitors to be able to save and share. You can add as many Save to Pinterest buttons to your site as needed.
You should place the Save to Pinterest button on or next to the image you want visitors to share, however this does not automatically link it to the button. You still need to click Add Image to link it to the image you want to share.
Get started now by adding the Save to Pinterest button and setting it up.

Pinterest Follow

Share your Pinterest board with the world by adding a Pinterest Follow button. Visitors can check out content that you've pinned and follow you to see future pins. Add the button to your site and enter your Pinterest board's URL to gain more followers.
To set up the Pinterest Follow button, you need the URL of the Pinterest board you want to share. Go to your Pinterest Profile and select the relevant board, then copy the URL in your browser's address bar.

Share from Pinterest

Found an awesome pin that you'd like to share with your visitors? Want to promote one of your own pins? Use the Share from Pinterest box to share a pin directly on your site. Visitors can click to save the pin to one of their own boards. 
Add the box to your site and enter the Pin URL to start sharing. 
To find the URL of the pin you want to share, go to Pinterest and open the relevant pin, then copy the URL in your browser's address bar.

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