Content Manager: Displaying Your Store Products Using Dynamic Pages

Use dynamic pages to display your Wix Stores products to get the look and level of creativity that you want. 

By displaying your Wix Stores products with this method you can:
  • Order the products alphabetically or by price.
  • Customize the style of the product info, including the price, description, in-stock etc.
  • Hide the price until your visitor loads the product.
Filters you set up in Wix Stores do not display in dynamic pages. At the time of publishing this article, the store’s filter is only available in Wix Stores pages (i.e. filtering by price range, view other collections, etc.). Learn more about Wix Stores filters here.
You cannot use the Add to Cart feature when viewing products on a dynamic page - you can use Add to Cart when you view individual products.
Before proceeding, your site will need:
It is also important to understand the following concepts.

Step 1 | Add and set up a dynamic page

Add a dynamic page to host your Wix Stores products.

Step 2 | Add and connect a repeater

Add a repeater of your choice to the dynamic page and connect it to your Store’s products.
To allow a visitor to click on a product and go straight to the product page, you can connect a button or image to Product Page URL under Connection Options.

Step 3 | Update your dataset

Control how many products to load on the page.

Step 4 | Preview your store products

Now click Preview to see how your products look.
What’s Next?
If you have more products than you want to show on one page, you can use the load more or pagination bar options to show more products. Customize the page to display what you want to display.

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