Site Members: Creating and Setting Up a Member Badge

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Before you begin:
To use member badges, you must install a Member's Area on your site.
Assign badges to specific site members so that they stand out from all the other members. For example, you can create a badge such as "Star Blogger" for members who contribute the most to your blog, or a badge for members who are experts in a subject, for example "Yoga Expert".

To create and set up a member badge:

  1. Go to your member list
  2. Click More Actions at the top right and click Manage Badges.
  1. Click New Badge.
  2. Enter the badge details:
    • Badge Name and Description: Enter a unique name and description to let everyone know what the badge is about.
    • Background Color: Click the field and select a color for the badge background.
    • Text Color: Click the field and select a color for the badge text.
    • Click Add Image under Icon and select an icon for your badge from the free vector art in the Media Manager, or upload your own .svg file. 
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Assign Members and select the members you want to assign the badge to, then click Add.
  5. Click the Permissions tab and enable the toggle if you want to add permissions to badge holders.
Assign badges to your members automatically when they perform a certain action on your site. Learn How  

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