Wix Editor: Creating Members Only Pages

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Create Members Only pages, available exclusively to your logged-in members. Choose whether to display this page to all members or members with certain roles and pricing plans
Make sure that you've added a Member's Area to your site before creating Members Only pages.

To create Members Only pages:

  1. Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Hover over the relevant page and click the More Actions icon .
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click the Permissions tab.
  5. Select Members Only.
  6. Select which members can access this page:
    • All members: Any signed in member can access this page.
    • Only selected members or paying customers: Limit this page to specific members only. You can choose to limit this page to:
      • Selected members: Member with a specific role:
        1. Click the Edit icon  under Select from your Member Roles.
        2. Select which roles give access to this page.
        3. Click Apply.
      • Paying customers: Members who've purchased a specific pricing plan:
        1. Click the Edit icon  under Select from your Pricing Plans.
        2. Select which plans give access to this page.
        3. Click Apply.
Click Manage Site Members at the bottom to view your site members and manage settings like permissions, badges and contact info. 
The Permissions panel of a page in the Editor.
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