Site Members: Limiting Pages on Your Site to Specific Member Roles

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Member roles let you limit specific restricted pages of your site to a group of members a certain role. For example, if you have a teaching website, you can create some pages that are accessible to any signed up member (e.g. students and teachers) and some pages that are restricted to specific members only (e.g. teachers). 
Before you begin:
Make sure that you have created some Member Roles.

To limit pages to specific members:

  1. Go to Member Pages in the Pages panel of your Editor:
2.  Hover over the relevant page and click the More Actions icon .
3.  Click Settings.
4.  Click the Permissions tab.
5.  Select Members Only under Who can view this page?.
6.  Select Only selected members or paying customers under Which members can access this page?.
7.  Click the Edit icon under Select from your Member Roles.
Clicking the Edit icon to select who can access your page.
8.  Select which roles give access to this page.
9.  Click Apply.

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