Content Manager: Displaying Content in a Repeater

A repeater is a list of items that have the same design and layout, but different content. You can customize the content of each item separately, including the background, images and text.  
Repeaters are great for displaying multiple items from your collections at one time.
Before you begin:
You must add the Content Manager to your site before you can create a collection to connect to a repeater. Learn how to add the Content Manager.

Step 1 | Create a collection

Create a collection to easily manage the content you want to display. Once created, you can connect the collection to a repeater.
For a deeper understanding of how collection permissions play a part in the security of your site, read this overview.
A screenshot of a collection of recipes in the Content Manager.

Step 2 | Add a repeater

Add a repeater on your site to display the content from your collection. 

Step 3 | Connect your repeater

Create a dataset and connect it to your collection. This makes the content in your collection available for your repeater to display.
A screenshot of a repeater on a page in the Editor displaying recipe content from a collection.
Want to learn more?
Check out the full course in Wix Learn on getting started with the Content Manager. Check out the fifth video about how to utilize list and item pages.

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