Wix Editor: Elements that Can't be Added to Repeaters

1 min read
You can add many elements to your repeater such as images, buttons, text and shapes. However, there are some limitations.

Below is a list of elements that cannot be added to a repeater:

  • All third-party apps
  • Anchors and anchor menus
  • Box slideshow
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Page Like
  • Flash elements
  • Full width slideshows
  • Google Maps
  • Horizontal and vertical menus
  • Most photo galleries (including full-width galleries, and certain layouts such as Masonry and Stacked)
  • Multi-State Box
  • Pagination Bar
  • Pay Button
  • Pin to Pinterest
  • Pinterest Follow
  • Repeaters
  • Share from Pinterest
  • The HTML component
  • The Pro Gallery
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Tweet
  • VK Share
  • Video Box
  • Wix Chat Button
  • Wix Music
  • Wix Video
  • YouTube Subscribe

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