Wix Stores: Fulfilling Store Orders

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You just made a sale. The next step is making sure the order is shipped, delivered, or prepared for pickup in a timely manner.
To get started, go to the Orders tab. There you can mark orders as fulfilled, add tracking numbers, and more.
In this article, learn how to:

Customizing the Orders tab & saving your view

Handle orders more efficiently by viewing only relevant information. You can do this by filtering your orders and customizing the columns in your order list. To increase efficiency, save the views you go back to again and again. Learn how to customize the Orders tab

Manually marking orders as "Paid"

If an order was placed using the Manual (Offline) payment method or via eCheck, you must manually mark it as 'Paid' for your inventory to update and for any applied coupons to be considered as used. If you received partial payment, you can update the payment status with that information

To update the payment status:

  1. Click the relevant order.
  2. Click the Collect Payment drop-down and select Mark as Paid.
  3. (Optional) Select a custom amount:
    1. Select the Mark a custom amount as paid checkbox.
    2. Enter the custom amount. Note: Must be less that the order total.
  4. Click Mark as Paid to confirm.
  • Digital Products: When a digital product (e.g. music files) is marked as "Paid", an email is sent to your customer with a link to download the file. The order status automatically changes to "Fulfilled".
  • Orders marked as "Paid", cannot be changed back to "Unpaid".
  • You can also accept manual credit card payment or request payment by sending an invoice.

Adding tracking numbers

Tracking numbers help you and your customers follow the progress of packages as they make their way to their destinations.
Customers can find an order's tracking number in the shipping confirmation email and in their My Orders page. You can find them in the Orders tab in the Wix dashboard.

Fulfilling local delivery and scheduled orders

If you offer your customers local delivery - especially if you allow them to choose the time slot they prefer - you'll need to customize the look of the order page to help you see at a glance which orders need to be delivered at specific times. Learn how to customize the Orders tab for local delivery.

Marking orders as "Fulfilled"

To keep track of the orders already sent to customers or picked up, make sure to mark them as "Fulfilled" as soon as they have been processed.

To mark an order as "Fulfilled":

  1. Select the order whose status you want to change.
  2. Click More Actions at the top right.
  3. Select Mark as Fulfilled.
    Tip: To change the status back, select Mark as Unfulfilled.
    1. (Optional) If the status has not yet been changed to "Paid", you can update it by selecting the Mark Order as Paid checkbox.
    2. (Optional) You can send an email notifying the customer that the order is ready:
      • Shipping or Delivery orders: Select the Send shipping confirmation email checkbox.
      • Pickup orders:  Select the Send pickup ready email checkbox. 
    3. Click Mark as Fulfilled to confirm. 

Printing packing slips

Packing slips display the order number, shipping and billing addresses, the products purchased, as well as your store policies. 
  • Packing slips are not available for dropshipping orders or digital orders.
  • You can print a packing slip for pickup and local delivery orders. 

To print a packing slip:

  1. Click to select an order. 
  2. Click the More Actions icon  .
  1. Select Print Packing Slip.
  2. Click Print.
Below is a sample packing slip:

Printing order info

You can print any store order to create a hard copy.

To print orders:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the order(s) you want to print or select the top checkmark to select all orders.
  1. Click the Print icon at the top right.
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