Wix Pay Links: Creating and Managing Pay Links

Instantly request payments from contacts by sharing unique pay link URLs that allow them to make secure online payments. Share pay links via email, social media, SMS, or any other channel. Payments made via these links appear in your Wix account like all other transactions through your site.

Send pay links to single or multiple recipients. Quickly and easily request one-time payments for products/services, or easily co-ordinate group activities, social event collections, and more. Pay links are not linked to any products or services listed on your site, so they can be used for many different purposes.
Before you begin:

Choose to create a one-time pay link or multi-pay link. A one-time pay link expires after your chosen contact makes one payment. A multi-pay link can be shared with multiple contacts and used for multiple payments. It can also be used for recurring payments from a single contact.

To create and send a pay link:

  1. Go to Pay Links in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Create Link.
  3. Click One-time payment to create a link that accepts one payment, or click Multi payment to create a link that accepts multiple payments.
    Note: If you don't see these options, move to step 4.
  4. Set up your pay link:
    1. Link name: Enter a name for your pay link. This name should clearly summarize the reason for payment.
    2. Price: Enter the amount of money your pay link will charge your customer.
    3. (Optional) Set an expiration date: Select the checkbox to set a date at which the link expires and cannot be used.
    4. (Optional, multi-payment only) Limit the number of payments: Select the checkbox to set the number of times the link can be used before it expires.
    5. (Optional) Customize the button, image and text that will appear on the page your pay link will display.
  5. Click Create Link.
  6. Your link has been created. Choose what you want to do:
    • Copy link: Click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard.
    • Send via email: (One-time payment only) Select a contact using the Choose a contact drop-down and click Send via Email to send your pay link to this contact.
      Note: Click + Add Contact in the drop-down to create a new contact to send your pay link to.

All of the pay links you create will be listed on the Pay Links page in your site's dashboard. The actions you can take for each link will depend on the link's type (one-time payment or multi-payment) and status.

On your Pay Links page, you can view the following statuses for each pay link:
  • Active: Your link is accepting payments.
  • Inactive: Your link is not accepting payments.
    Note: If your inactive link hasn't expired, you can change its status to active.
  • Paid: Payment has been made via this link.
  • Expired: The expiration date you selected has passed and the link is no longer active.

Hover over your pay link's status to view further information.
A screenshot of the Status column on the Pay Links page.

To manage your pay links:

  1. Go to Pay Links in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click a pay link to view further information in a panel on the right.
  3. Choose what you want to do:
    • Copy link: Click Copy Link to copy this pay link URL to your clipboard.
    • Activate: Click Activate to make an inactive link active.
    • Deactivate: Click the More Actions icon and select Deactivate to make an active link inactive.
      Note: If no payments have been made, you'll also be able to select Delete to permanently delete a pay link.
    • View payments: Click View Payments to view details of each payment.
    • Resend: (One-time pay links only) Click Resend to send a pay link to your contact again.
A screenshot of the panel showing pay link details.


Here are some common questions about pay links:

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