Wix Bookings: Manually Scheduling an Appointment

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You can manually schedule appointments to your Booking Calendar at any time. This is useful for booking clients in for follow-up appointments, for example, right after a session. 
A screenshot showing how to schedule an appointment using the Booking Calendar.

To manually add an appointment:

  1. Go to Booking Calendar in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Add, or select a time slot on the calendar.
  3. Select Appointment.
  4. Enter the client details.
    Note: Your client's name and email address are mandatory.
  5. Click to select the relevant service. 
  6. Enter the date, arrival time and location for the service.
  7. (Optional) Click to select the Repeats checkbox if you want to create a recurring appointment: 
    1. Select how frequently the recurring appointments take place from the Repeats drop-down. 
    2. Select the number of times the appointments repeat from the For drop-down. 
  8. Click the relevant option to choose what you want to do: 
Screenshot showing how to manually create an appointment for a client.
A notification appears if: 
  • You are scheduling the appointment outside working hours.
  • You haven't assigned a staff member to the service.
  • There’s another appointment booked at that time. 

    A screenshot showing a scheduling conflict when creating an appointment for a client.

You can still go ahead with the booking, this is just to help prevent double bookings. If you’re booking a recurring session, any conflicts appear on the schedule summary page.

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